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Your Dominant Thoughts: The Key to Your Success



As the holidays approach our spirits start to rise with the sense of goodwill and anticipation for the New Year, offering a renewed opportunity for positive change, achieving our goals, and becoming our best selves. For many of us this feeling is temporary and slowly withers away after the holidays as we regress back to our regular routines and habits.

Imagine if you could maintain your high spirits and conviction to change and grow all year round.  What would your life look like?  Would the book you’ve always wanted to write be a reality?  Would you travel more? Start that business you always dreamed of?  Be in the best shape of your life?

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Conflict Resolution: A Prized Skill



Let’s face it, the potential for conflict is everywhere.  Conflict exists when the desires, intentions and goals of a person or group are not aligned with those of another entity.  You may encounter conflict at work, in business dealings, in social situations, with complete strangers or within your own family. Since conflict is almost impossible to avoid, the ability to resolve conflict effectively is a prized skill, especially if you want to get ahead in your professional and personal lives.

Most people consider conflict to be unpleasant; some prefer to ignore the situation altogether and hope it resolves itself over time. While this is certainly a possibility, in most cases it’s preferable and more healthy to address the source of the conflict head on.  Prolonging interpersonal conflict can do long-term harm to a relationship, and unresolved conflict can lead to passive-aggressive verbal or physical behavior.  Addressing a conflict doesn’t mean you are creating one.  Promptly set a meeting to resolve the conflict before the situation escalates.

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The Art of Negotiation: Before, During, and After



Negotiation is a form of persuasion that requires the ability to communicate effectively in order to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome.  Your ability to negotiate can have a profound impact on your success in life.

When you are offered a job, salary is something that is typically negotiated.  Research shows that while 80% of employers are willing to negotiate salary, the vast majority of job candidates never even try to see if they can get more money or other benefits.  That’s a shame because over 70% of individuals who do ask for an increase receive it.

The art of negotiating can pay off handsomely, both financially and personally.  Imagine negotiating a 30-year home mortgage down to a 15-year mortgage, and for close to the same amount of money paid out each month.  That would add 15 years of freedom to your life!

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