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Discovering Your Personal Power: 27 Articles of Inspiration -#1 BEST-SELLER


“Very few authors can combine the vast experience and success that Nikk shares in this priceless compilation of his writing.”  

~ Jan Mills– Health Coach, Speaker, Author

Regardless of your current circumstances, the articles contained within this book can help you improve every area of your life. Nikkos Zorbas becomes your inspirational life coach. His simplistic, easy-to-digest success formulas are refreshing and easy to apply. As you read these pages you'll learn strategies for eliminating doubt, conquering life's most difficult obstacles, how to attract more of what you want, effective goal setting techniques, and MUCH more.  

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Discover Your Business Power: Insights for Genuine Self Leadership


“As a business man, “Discover Your Business Power” has had an incredibly positive impact on my relationships with clients as well as employees. When looking to improve your business, achieving success often starts with your own behavior. This book is sure to help you cultivate the personal power you need to grow your business and reach those lofty goals. So what are you waiting for? In the words of Nikkos Zorbas, “Your words reflect your actions…start now!”
~ Jaime Andres Cardenas, International Business Developer

Jumpstart your Professional and Personal Life!
In Discover your Business Power, you will learn:

• How to claim your personal power and succeed in good times or bad.
• Methods for repositioning and empowering yourself.
• The real secrets of motivation and self-confidence.
• Strategies for building a successful business and becoming the CEO of your own life.
• How to defeat scattered thinking, stop procrastination, jump-start your life, and much more!
You will never realize true and lasting success until you've given 100% of yourself to your goals. Read this book and take the first step.

Let the journey begin! 

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The Reveal, Build A Big Dream Journal (hardcover-full color pages)


“Without a doubt this is the most motivational tool available!”
 ~ Mary Anne Beaman
 Vice President – Event Programming, Las Vegas Events

Meet the authors: Rudy Ruettiger and Nikkos Zorbas. Rudy Ruettiger touched millions with his life story in the inspirational TriStar blockbuster film RUDY, AND Nikkos Zorbas, renowned performance coach in the field of self-development, will guide you step by step on this fabulous journey. 

Here is a practical yet powerful, easy to follow program that will show you how to create the life of your dreams. 

You will learn:

  •  How to eliminate doubt and build a positive self image.

 •  The formula for happiness and how to live an abundant life. 

•  To identify your true life's purpose and achieve your true potential.

 •  How to stay positively motivated in tough times and use the law of attraction to achieve great success. 

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“I believe in listening to something positive to set the tone for my day. I listen to ‘The Reveal’ every morning. Hearing Rudy, Nikkos, the music and quotes gets my thoughts and actions on that positive path.”
 ​ ~ Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

Rudy Ruettiger, renowned corporate speaker and the legendary character behind the Hollywood blockbuster Rudy, and life coach and recording artist Nikkos Zorbas combine their talents to reveal the secrets behind their success. These dynamic personalities become your personal life coaches as they show you how to Eliminate doubt, Conquer life's most difficult obstacles and Use the Law of Attraction to help reach your goals. You'll enjoy their down-to-earth, conversational style lessons. Be inspired by Nikkos Zorbas'  song, 

"The Affirtations", an uplifting musical composition blending powerful affirmations with quotes from some of history's greatest leaders. Get on the Path to Success and start realizing YOUR dreams today.

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The Law Of Attraction Music Album - GET INSPIRED!



“Nikk, what an awesome job you did on this music. The words, the beat, the concept is so refreshing. I love the title track and when I play it at my seminars everyone is up and dancing. Your writing style is uplifting and certainly helps to raise vibrations for anyone. I recommend this positive, uplifting CD to anyone who loves music, loves to dance with joy and sing along to inspiring messages. Congratulations!”

Dream Big.
~Michael Losier, Author – Law of Attraction

"Wow! This is the perfect CD to pump up the mind, body, and soul!”
 ~ Denny Kakos – International Natural Bodybuilding Association World President

Motivational Artist Nikkos Zorbas brings a unique and distinctive style to his music, fueled by high energy and a passionate spirit. This CD with its rousing lyrics and music is guaranteed to get you on your feet and moving. Be your best self! 

 Blending an energetic beat with positive lyrics resulting in a sound Nikkos calls “positive infusion,” this recording has been carefully structured, with each song designed to achieve a specific purpose. 

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